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Some hobby projects. These mainly link out to repositories on thebirdsbeak Github.

Project Description
Arduino Sequencer Musical sequencer based on Arduino. Some assembly required.
Best Defence Official website of the Best Defence Series by William McIntyre.
Binary Clock Arduino project that shows the time in binary format.
Chess Opening LEDs Chess openings coded on to an 8x8 RGB led matrix.
Gender Pay UK gender paygap reporting in your command line.
Gesture Control Trigger commands on your computer with distance sensors.
GUIDPR GDPR in a variety of computer-readable formats.
Morse Decoder Tap morse in to an Arduino and see it decoded on an LCD.
Morse Keyboard (Cootie) Morse keyboard - connect a "cootie" key and it will function as a keyboard. Requires an Arduino compatible with the Keyboard.h library.
Morse Keyboard (Straight) Morse keyboard using a traditional "straight" key. Requires an Arduino compatible with the Keyboard.h library.
Morse Trainer Morse trainer in a GUI with various tools, including a Koch machine and simulated QSO (WIP)
Name Generator Generates random names on each page refresh.
Nice GDPR Just a nicely formatted version of the GDPR.
Poetry Memorizer QT app to help you memorize your favourite poems.
Poem Receipts Print off a favourite poem - handy for memorising or sticking in a wallet.
RADenny Website of top quality Scottish legal firm, Russel + Aitken, Denny.