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Legal Technology

This section of the site hosts a collection of short scripts which make up a useful toolkit for various tasks commonly encountered in the legal profession.

Getting Started

Page Description
Glossary A useful reference for the technical terms used in these pages
Setting Up Setting up your computer to follow along
Python Basics A practical guide to writing and running code with python.


Page Description
Contract Creator Create a contract from a template on command.
Quick Clauses Quickly reference your favourite clauses on command.
Auto Filing Automatically file your documents.
Notice Calculator Add days, months and years to a date for notice periods.
Commercial Debts *Coming Soon* Calculate interest and costs for late commercial payments.


Page Description
Index File Create an index file for a data room.
Dataroom Checklist Create a checklist for the contents of a dataroom.
OFAC SDN Check Check a name against the OFAC SDN list.
Company Details Fetch basic UK company details.
Financial Healthcheck Enter accounts info to calculate useful ratios.
STF Consideration Convert numbers to words to for entering in to Stock Transfer Forms.
STF Stamp Duty Calculate stamp duty for batches of consideration.
Director Check Check directors using the Companies House API.


Page Description
Holiday Calculator Work out holiday balance of a departing employee.


Page Description
Breach Timer Countdown for breach reporting period.
GDPR Search Quickly search the GDPR on command.
Cookie Detector Detect first-party cookies.